Fort Lauderdale

Opening soon – November 2021

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Italian Gelato


We make our gelato with the very best, real ingredients, in their raw and most natural form – everything is made from scratch. “Ready-made” ingredients including colorings, flavorings, and preservatives have no place at Gelato & Co. No GMOs either. By using real ingredients, we achieve full-bodied texture and flavor in our gelato. We aim to embody the “farm to table concept” using organic produce direct from local farmers whenever possible.

Traditionally Italian

Our Gelato flavors have a lower fat content due to less cream used, whilst our Sorbets are made dairy free and full of real fruit. Offering over 24 gelato flavors, we guarantee our products are made fresh, daily and in-store! Our delicious and versatile Gelato can also make excellent cakes, suitable for any occasion and customisable upon request.
  • Our dairy flavours have low fat content because we use less cream and our sorbets are completely fat free, dairy free and full of fruit.

  • Our product is made fresh on the premises daily, offering over 24 flavours at and a select number of bespoke gelato cakes and single serve pieces.

  • Although our inspiration is derived from our experience in Italy where we came from, it’s our customers who provide the real inspiration.

  • We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we love making them!

Fort Lauderdale

We loved Florida from the very first moment: the weather fits perfectly with enjoying a good Gelato in the sun, friendly communities and a thriving gastronomic destination. We arrived in Naples, Florida in August 2019. Two years later, we decided to expand, thanks to the support and success accredited to the Florida community. We like to think Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, a young and modern area, found us. To make our new opening perfect, we have involved only the best members of our European team, to join the new project and community!

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A worldwide family

Gelato&Co company owns a sister brand, Unico, that provides authentic italian gelato in Europe.


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